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  • Itoigawa grafted on Rocky Mountain Juniper bonsai at Eisei-en

    Itoigawa Grafted Rocky Mountain Juniper Bonsai

    Dimensions: 25 H x 36 W x 6 inch nebari
    Planted on a lace rock, this RMJ has been grafted with the best Itoigawa Juniper foliage sourced from Japan. The ribbons of elegant deadwood interplay beautifully with the soft Itoigawa foliage to create a naturalistic appearance and atmosphere. This specimen will certainly only get better with age.
    *NOTE: Nursery pickup only*

  • Rocky Mountain Juniper double trunk bonsai at Eisei-en

    Rocky Mountain Juniper Double-Trunk Bonsai

    Dimensions: 35 H x 35 W x 12 inch nebari
    Collected in Wyoming nearly a decade ago, this powerful RMJ has all the quintessential features of its species – ribbons of deadwood, scale-like foliage and powerful movement. Truly a one-of-a-kind collector’s piece.
    *NOTE: Nursery pickup only*