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  • Ponderosa Pine bonsai with snaking trunk front view

    Ponderosa Pine Bonsai with Snaking Trunk

    Tree: Ponderosa Pine
    Species: Pinus ponderosa
    Pot: Modern Chinese
    Appx. Age: 350 years
    Dimensions: 36H x 77W x 22 inch nebari

    Come on, can you beat that trunk movement?!  Our most spectacular Ponderosa Pine bonsai at Eisei-en, this one-of-a-kind tree was collected in Wyoming and brought to the garden where it was styled in 2020 for an episode of Bonsai-U.  The snaking movement, deeply fissured deadwood and elongated profile make this bonsai one of the best of its species in the US.


  • Ponderosa Pine Bonsai Yamadori Contorted Trunk

    Dimensions: 37 H x 29 W x 5 inch nebari
    Approximate Age: 100+ years
    Collected: Colorado
    *All Yamadori has survived a minimum of one full growing season following collection*

  • Ponderosa Pine in Marc Berenbrinker pot

    Ponderosa Pine in Marc Berenbrinker Pot

    Tree: Ponderosa Pine
    Species: Pinus ponderosa
    Pot: Marc Berenbrinker, Germany
    Appx. Age: 150 years
    Dimensions: 38H x 48W x 7 inch nebari

    Elegant yet powerful, this large double-trunk Ponderosa Pine bonsai is planted in a pot from Marc Berenbrinker of Germany.  The bark is fissured to the branch tips and the jin adds to the aged appearance of the tree.  This unique bonsai is ready for exhibition at the highest level.