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  • Itoigawa grafted on Rocky Mountain Juniper bonsai at Eisei-en

    Itoigawa Grafted Rocky Mountain Juniper Bonsai

    Dimensions: 25 H x 36 W x 6 inch nebari
    Planted on a lace rock, this RMJ has been grafted with the best Itoigawa Juniper foliage sourced from Japan. The ribbons of elegant deadwood interplay beautifully with the soft Itoigawa foliage to create a naturalistic appearance and atmosphere. This specimen will certainly only get better with age.
    *NOTE: Nursery pickup only*

  • Japanese White Pine bonsai at Eisei-en

    Japanese White Pine Bonsai

    Dimensions: 20 H x 22 W x 8 inch nebari
    With some of the finest short needles and a nearly imperceptible graft union site, this imported Japanese White Pine grafted on JBP rootstock is a rarity in the US bonsai world. Detail wiring will only improve this already stunning chuuhin bonsai (please contact us if you’d like to have this tree styled at Eisei-en prior to shipping).
    Available for shipping in the lower 48 States.

  • Ponderosa Pine in Marc Berenbrinker pot

    Ponderosa Pine in Marc Berenbrinker Pot

    Tree: Ponderosa Pine
    Species: Pinus ponderosa
    Pot: Marc Berenbrinker, Germany
    Appx. Age: 150 years
    Dimensions: 38H x 48W x 7 inch nebari

    Elegant yet powerful, this large double-trunk Ponderosa Pine bonsai is planted in a pot from Marc Berenbrinker of Germany.  The bark is fissured to the branch tips and the jin adds to the aged appearance of the tree.  This unique bonsai is ready for exhibition at the highest level.


  • RAF Scots Pine bonsai

    RAF Dwarf Scots Pine Bonsai

    Tree: RAF Dwarf Scots Pine
    Species: Pinus sylvestris cultivar ‘RAF DWARF’
    Pot: Modern Chinese
    Appx. Age: 50 years
    Dimensions: 46H x 53W x 16 inch nebari
    Without a doubt, the very best Scots Pine bonsai in the entire United States, this special cultivar (dubbed RAF Dwarf by its original propagator Richard A. Fenicchia) was discovered and first propagated in Rochester, NY in 1970. This specific tree is one of the first crop of those RAF Dwarfs, making it one of the oldest of its kind in the world. The foliage is small, back buds readily and the trunk is gnarled with perfect taper. Truly a standout specimen in any collection.

  • Rocky Mountain Juniper double trunk bonsai at Eisei-en

    Rocky Mountain Juniper Double-Trunk Bonsai

    Dimensions: 35 H x 35 W x 12 inch nebari
    Collected in Wyoming nearly a decade ago, this powerful RMJ has all the quintessential features of its species – ribbons of deadwood, scale-like foliage and powerful movement. Truly a one-of-a-kind collector’s piece.
    *NOTE: Nursery pickup only*